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Omni Orient is an exclusive network of top market entry experts serving Asia's most important industries. Brands worldwide rely on our experts with local knowledge to drive growth in the region's pivotal markets.

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Our Expertise, Your Success

Through our hands-on experience in Asia, our experts give you the know-how to rapidly expand and thrive prosperity, throughout the region.

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    Expertise in key disciplines and industries.

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    A robust local portfolio of partners and clients.

  • Ship

    Executed over $10 Million multi-market sales and distribution.

  • Witness

    Navigated complex FDA processes to license over 500 products and units of equipment.

  • Meeting

    Successfully trained well over 1,500 industry professionals.

  • Startup

    Adapted global campaigns in order to achieve maximum local market impact.

Top Brands Our Experts Worked With

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  • Kevin Maes
    Kevin M.
    Management Consultant

    GTM strategies, leading cross-functional teams, navigating complex regulatory environments, and driving market growth. 

    馃實 Antwerp, Belgium / Bangkok, Thailand

  • Whatsapp image 2023 08 24 at 15.14.21
    Sarah G. Hase
    Business Development

    Worked with the most prestigious accounts across the ASEAN region. The go-to expert when clients seek the latest equipment or hard-to-find products. 

    馃實 Antwerp, Belgium / Bangkok, Thailand

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    James W.
    Professional Writer

    Writer for international development and business, finds creative balance through restaurant reviews, human interest stories, and music production.

    馃實 Bangkok, Thailand

  • Img 58ea0c4f876b 1
    Roan M.
    Software Architect

    With 20 years of experience in software development, he's worked extensively on backend systems and frontend interfaces, focusing on reliable engineering practices.

    馃實 Bangkok, Thailand

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    Bertrand B.
    Business Development

    Extensive experience in the health and medical equipment industry, with specific focus on the Asian region, including China.

    馃實 Toulouse, France

  • Messageimage 1713772537075
    Gabriel C.
    Translation Specialist

    Gabriel is a dynamic multilingual translation specialist and culturally savvy commercial liaison, fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Hebrew.

    馃實 Brussels, Belgium

  • Profile 1
    Scarlet M.
    Business Support Specialist

    Administrative tasks, project management, regulatory compliance, market research and surveys, and human resources support.

    馃實 Bangkok, Thailand

  • S  14794757
    Chalisa R.
    Product & Treatment Trainer

    With a background in physiotherapy and experience as a trainer for several product companies, she has trained hundreds of therapists.

    馃實 Bangkok, Thailand

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A Range Of Services Designed For Success

Leverage end-to-end expertise to navigate you through every phase of Asian expansion.

  • Most Requested

    GTM Strategy

    Develop a strategic plan to enter new markets confidently and efficiently.

  • Most Requested

    Product Licensing

    Ensure your products meet regulations and can be successfully marketed.

  • Most Requested

    Supply Chain Management

    Optimize your logistics network for efficient delivery and cost control.

  • Technical Support & Maintenance

    On-the-ground troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, and ongoing support.

  • Market Research

    Get the data-driven insights you need to confidently enter new markets.

  • Localize Marketing & Sales Materials

    Connect with customers by adapting your message to the local culture and language.

  • On-Site Training

    Our expert trainers rapidly learn and effectively deliver new program materials.

  • Targeted Customer Outreach

    Grow your pipeline, gather insights, and raise brand awareness.

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